Bespoke sealed empty cans for film, TV and stage, re-enactment societies, early years education and memory lanes.

Canned Laughter prop tin cans

'Canned Laughter' and 'Sound Bites' tin can props made for a breakfast TV show.

Wartime Farm canning scene

Canning machine and empty tins supplied for a 'Wartime Farm' TV episode.

Prop fish can for Dark Shadows film

Prop fish cans made for Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' feature film.

Prop food tins at a Royal College of Music production

The Royal College of Music's replica tins for its Opera Studio's production of Lennox Berkeley's 1950s opera 'A Dinner Engagement'.

advert for feature film The Infiltrator

'The Infiltrator' featured a canning machine and cans as part of the plot line.