What shape tin can products can I buy?

All our products are made from round food tin cans. We do not supply beverage cans or square, rectangular or irregular shaped cans.

What are the tin cans made of?

The tin cans are manufactured from tinplate or tin free steel, the same as a food tin in your larder. We do not supply aluminium or stainless steel cans. The metal lids are made from tinplate, tin free steel or aluminium.  

Where are your products made?

We buy tin cans from UK can-making factories, and process them into different products at our premises in West Sussex. We also source component parts for our products from the UK.

What are the options for branded decoration?

We have several options for putting your brand, good cause or event on a product: a full colour paper wraparound label (minimum order 24), a waterproof single colour patch print to one or both sides of the can (minimum order 100), or a waterproof five colour printed shrink sleeve (minimum order 3000).  

Can I have multiple designs on the tins?

If you choose a paper label, we can print multiple designs at no extra cost so long as they are all for the same product. The patch print and shrink sleeve decorations are for a single design only.
How do I supply artwork?

For paper wraparound labels, on the product page you will find a link to a pdf file that contains full instructions for artwork design for that product. We ask that you send us print ready artwork in pdf format by email. We will send you a pdf proof of the can label for approval before printing.

For patch prints, please supply artwork in jpg format, and specify a print size and pantone colour number.

For shrink sleeve decoration, we provide a template and guidance by email.

Can I wash the tins?

Plain tins and logo printed tins can be easily washed. Please dry them thoroughly straight after washing, and do not leave them in a damp environment.

Paper labelled tins and shrink sleeved tins can be gently rinsed, the inside dried, the outside patted dry and then left to fully dry. Paper labels may degrade after repeated washing. 

Can I recycle the tins?

Tin cans are easily recyclable. The savings tins and drinking cups have polypropylene plastic parts that are recyclable where facilities exist. Branded shrink sleeves are made from PVC or PET, of which PET sleeves are recyclable. 

Can you deliver abroad?

Yes, please contact us for a price and delivery time for sending orders by courier worldwide.

Can you deliver next day?

We do not offer next day delivery as standard. However, if you have an urgent order, please call us before 1:00 pm and we may be able to despatch the same day.